We are thrilled to introduce you to our friend Jane - Founder of Jane Win. When we were planning our fall editorial shoot we knew we wanted to style our clothing with Jane Win jewelry, take a look you'll see lots of fabulous pieces! We are huge fans of Jane's beautiful and meaningful jewelry line and are honored to have her answer a few questions for us.

Jane's team is also generously offering HB insiders 15% off when you sign up for their list here

This is a question I get asked a lot. If you aren’t wearing you own stuff, which brands do you like? Or do you only wear yours??    

 You know, I don’t get asked that question and it’s great. I love to mix. In fact, I hate (strong word) wearing only one brand – to me the true ‘fashion’ comes from an eclectic mix of brands. From a jewelry perspective I have a steady list of favorites I wear every day, on my left finger 2 rings from Cartier, on my right hand a cigar band from Tiffany...all these rings were given to me from my husband whom I adore more than words can say. I do not leave home without them. I layer a new neck of Jane Win on every day, but one thing remails constant...in most cases I have a 32” chain, the longest layer, of a JW PEACE coin to remind me of my Dad as well as a vintage Cartier key engraved with a 7, my lucky number.  

Hoop earrings or posts?  

 The one thing I do not wear often is earrings...because I have such an ornate #neckmess of coins I tend to skip earrings. BUT I just worked on the most gorgeous onyx carved heart earrings with a new factory in Italy (I am here in Italy while I write this) and I think I will start wearing earrings more 😊.     

 What is the perfect number for a necklace stack?  

 Ohhhh, I think more is better. I start with a short 16” bit of color (usually one of our Carved Hearts), layer on a coin on an 18” chain (right now I am switching between FREE Butterfly and the STRONG Rising Sun), then a slim tusk charm on a 20” chain, and then my Peace Coin and key charm on the 32” chain. So 4 is my magic number 💋 



If you were gifting a piece of jewelry from your collection to Kate Middleton, which would it be?     

 It’s so funny you ask that, Kate Middleton is my birthday buddy, we were both born on January 9th. So I think I would give her one of our Make a Wish Coins with the Garnet stone in the January calendar spot.  

Do you have any family pieces of jewelry that were past down to you that have inspired your own designs?  

   Absolutely, really my entire collection is inspired by the jewelry I saw my grandmother, mother and aunt wear when I grew up. My grandfather did business in Asia and my grandmother brought back large carved jade pieces. My aunt loved turquoise and gold and my mother had a lapis ring set in a sturdy claw prong setting – she has since passed to me. All of those stones – the lapis, turquoise, malachite and jade are a big part of what we do at Jane Win. I actually wrote a blog on that Lapis ring and how it inspired my obsession with jewelry, see here 

Any tips for organizing jewelry at home?   

 YES. To be honest, organization is key so you can see what you have and ‘shop’ your jewelry closet daily! I have stacks of ‘tackle boxes’ that are clear plastic organizers with compartments. I have boxes for rings and earrings. For necklaces, it really is easiest to keep in a small plastic bag with the chain cinched in the top – to avoid tangles. And then I keep cuff bracelets in trays in a drawer. I do have a gorgeous and very large Asprey jewelry box for most of my fine jewelry, but the tackle boxes are better for the loads of semi-fine pieces I collect.  

What about traveling, do you have any jewelry packing tips?  

 I travel ALL THE TIME. In the next 2 months I will be away from home 50% of the time – a mix of work and fun...and it all requires jewelry every day! I pack for each trip separately because I really like to mix things up – I don’t bring the same things over and over, it’s a new assortment. Right now I am in Italy, and in my bag is our Full Heart (which I love seeing you wear on Instagram 😊). I tend to switch out my fashion chains, our Chunky Chain is what I am wearing right now. I normally put each piece in a small plastic bag (necklaces with the chains cinched in the top so it doesn’t end up a mess of tangles) and I put in a D Porthault heart print jewelry bag.  



Can you tell us about a new piece you have coming out that you are excited about?  

 This September we launched a couple Lapis pieces that I just adore, it is the perfect Fall stone. This petite piece with the lapis and gold heart, along with a pink tourmaline detail – it's just so special.     

      I am also slightly obsessed with the tusk shape – it’s so STRONG. We have a new carved lapis tusk capped in 10k gold that is incredibly unique.

The reason why I love these is because they accent our Original Coins so beautifully, making it easy to layer on one more piece 😊.     

Before I go-- Wait wait before we end this interview I just want to say thank you! I am in love with your creativity and I am so honored to be on your blog. Xx Janie