Dogwood Hill Collab

I was thrilled when Dogwood Hill asked me to be a 2022 Holiday Tastemaker! I worked with artist Riley Sheehy to create unique artwork for my one-of-a-kind holiday suite which includes Christmas cards, gift tags, and party invitations. The colors and feel of the designs reflect the mood of my own Holiday collection this year and I was so happy to see the end result on Dogwood Hill’s beautiful paper!

Cover Collab

We used two of our favorite summer prints in our highly anticipated collaboration with Cover Swim. These vibrant patterns are showcased on two of Covers most popular styles. We love the idea of carrying summer fashion into the water, and what could be better than a bathing suit with UPF 50 protection.

Sally King Benedict Collab

We collaborated with artist Sally King Benedict on a limited edition line of t-shirts and tote bags featuring original artwork she created exclusively for Hunter Bell. Sally has been a long time favorite artist of mine. Her artwork embraces a supercharged simplicity with her use of bold colors and brush strokes. I support embracing anything that leaves you feeling inspired, and this collaboration did just that!

Smart in The Kitchen Apron Collab

Our apron collaboration with Houston-based chef Marcia Smart of Smart in the Kitchen was born out of the desire to bring my Fall 2021 collection into the kitchen! This collection was inspired by the West Texas landscape and paid homage not only to the Lone Star State, but to all the people and places that keep traditions alive.