Since launching in 2006 in New York, I've moved across the country, become a mother, and have grown my business. It's been 17 years since I started my line and it feels like the right time to evolve the brand to be in line with who we are now and the direction we are pushing towards.

The story evolves season-to-season, but the attitude doesn’t change—it’s all about clothes that are fun, functional, and feminine, that women all over the world can layer into their lives without breaking stride.

I'm excited to introduce you to our fresh new look, logo, and brand experience.

Why Rebrand?

We were founded in New York, are headquartered in Houston, Texas, and have a global outlook. We first started talking about dropping "New York" from our name a couple of years ago to align with our growing brand. The impetus came when we signed on with the prestigious, RoAndCo Studio, to help guide and execute our new global brand identity.

New Branding

We are introducing our new branding with a refreshed site and branding materials that feature empowering text, bold colors, and a new logo with a hidden secret unto itself.

Our Mark

The petal-like design of our mark serves as a powerful representation of strength, growth, imagination, and curiosity.

Look closely and the logo reveals its intricacy and clever construction. The design incorporates a hidden 'H' and an abstract bell, blending these elements seamlessly within the petal-like shape.

The hidden 'H' represents the brand's identity and serves as a subtle nod to the name 'Hunter Bell.' The abstract bell within the logo introduces an element of intrigue and sophistication. It adds a whimsical and artistic touch, elevating the overall aesthetic and making the logo distinctive and memorable.

Our Community

As we embark on this new chapter of Hunter Bell, we are thrilled to have each of you join us on this journey. Your individuality, style, and unique perspective contributes to the vibrant energy that propels us forward. 

Welcome to the new Hunter Bell, where our story becomes your story.

xx HB