Featured Friends Amber Venz Box

The team at Hunter Bell are long time fans of style icon, entrepreneur, and proud fellow Texan, Amber Venz Box, Co-Founder and President of LTK. The visionary founder is an inspiration for us as fellow working moms, and someone who thinks way outside the box. We wanted to know more about her background and mission to empower creators to epic success.  

What inspired you, or gave you the courage to start LTK (previously rewardStyle & LikeToKnow.it)
I grew up working in the fashion industry, from retail shop girl to fashion stylist, wholesale and manufacturing of my own line to personal shopping - it feels like I have done it all. 
In 2010 I started a fashion blog to market my offline business, personal shopping, where I earned a commission from retailers around Dallas when I sold their products to my personal clients. The blog became popular and essentially, I had started offering my shopping services for free-  my offline business had moved online, but I had no way to monetize the blog. In 2011 I teamed up with my engineer boyfriend, now my husband, and we modernized personal shopping with the launch of LTK. Our mission has always been the same - empower creators to be as economically successful as possible - and we provide them with the platform, education and relationships to make that a reality. 
LTK powers Creator Commerce - with a free shopping app where customers can access and shop the lives of hundreds of thousands of creators globally. In the last year, shoppers have purchased more than $4 billion of products through creators on the LTK app. They are finding the things they love! 

Best piece of advice you have ever received 
Personally: They will watch what you do, not what you say. This applies to family, friendships, community - you will be measured by your action, not by what you say you will do. 
Professionally: If someone can do something 80% as well as you, delegate it to them! 
Early in my career, my perfectionism held me back - I didn’t trust anyone on my team to do any task because I needed it to be perfect by my standards. A mentor told me that Mike Bloomberg had told her this motto and if it worked for them, I felt it could make sense for me. Working with a team I can delegate to has been transformational for my career and life. 

Describe your personal style 
Growing up as a seamstress and fashion savant, I gravitate towards pieces that have unique architecture and special details and I have always loved to dress up. Now that I live outside of the city on our ranch and have four children aged 3-8 years old, I have two realities to dress for - my daily style has become slightly more comfortable, practical and also a bit more western inspired and my professional/city style is more feminine and festive. 

We'd love to share your curated favorite pieces from the latest HB collection , and how you would style them!
Spencer Sweater  - Love this fully buttoned up to be worn as a top. The details are so beautiful and deserve the full attention up top. I love it back with dark denim and cool city sneakers to make it the perfect casual/cool around town look. 
Rene Dress- see LTK image for styling
Randolph Dress- Love this with black ballet flats and draped heart sweater for daytime and transition to big black platform heels for evening
Braden Dress- adding a black leather concho belt and black cowboy boots to give it a western holiday look

Where or what is your favorite escape? Big Bend?
Right now, I am loving ranch life. In 2022 we spent the summer and winter here and in May of 2023 we officially moved here and I am loving every minute. The Big Bend region of Texas is a stunning and unique area - with wild elevation, beautiful mountains and drives and a uniquely Texas culture that you can only find on the frontier. Come stay at Local Chapter and see what it's all about!

3 favorite follows right now 
LTK Australia Creator @katewaterhouse7 has phenomenal taste and is always attending glamorous events - her event style is beyond!
LTK Creator @stephanietrotta for her elegant, minimal, momma lifestyle wardrobe
LTK Creator @Cristina_Lynch who is also the founder of Mi Golindrina. She sources unique, special products for her home, children and herself and I appreciate the curation! She really scours the internet for the best.

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The Local Chapter - A decade ago we began spending time in far west Texas and now have moved our family here. The Local Chapter Big Bend was our first outpost and it is at the mouth of the incredible Big Bend National Park. We have created an exclusive luxury glamping yurt experience - come stay with us!