Featured Friends - Meet Erica Choi

You’ve definitely seen her gracing our feed - Erica Choi, @EggCanvas, @Superegg Founder & Licensed Esthetician, is today’s spotlight on the HB Journal. She always puts the coolest spin on our collections, around NYC or traveling the world. We wanted to share her journey from digital designer and influencer to beauty entrepreneur… 

How did you make the jump from digital designer to founding the skincare line, Superegg? 

Beauty has always been a source of comfort for me, and I have pursued my passion for it through positions at Aveda, Teen Vogue, Razorfish, Huge, Createthe Group, and most recently, as the VP of Digital Design at Barneys New York. Despite being able to take good care of my own skin, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of skincare and skin health, and through 600 hours of training at Aveda Institute New York, became a licensed esthetician. 

While my corporate career was an important stepping stone, my inner entrepreneur led me to create Superegg – a brand that reflects my passion for beauty and empowerment. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with top brands in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty as a design director and content creator, which inspired me to create a brand that offers high-performance and sensorial formulations to promote skin health and radiance. 

With Superegg, we aim to promote self-care and nourish the inner self through sophisticated and thoughtful products. Each use of our products is intended to feel like a ritual of self-love and care. Pursuing my passion and taking risks has been fundamental to my success, and through Superegg, I hope to inspire others to prioritize their own self-care and well-being, follow their dreams, and feel beautiful both inside and out. 

Best piece of advice you have ever received? 
To maintain a spirit of kindness and curiosity, as we are always in the process of learning. 

Describe your personal style

I dress for comfort but make a conscious effort to look put together. “Effortless chic” is something I strive for. I like to juxtapose elements in my outfits. For instance, if my clothing is understated, I'll complement it with a bold bag. Conversely, if I wear a print, vibrant color, or distinct silhouette, I opt for a more minimalist bag to balance the overall look.

How did you learn about HB? What draws you to the brand? 
I always want to learn about new designers, particularly those rooted in New York. Hunter Bell stands out to me as a brand whose pieces possess a distinctive charm. It's not only a brand I enjoy wearing in the comfort of my New York home but also one I find myself turning to for my vacations and travels. 

What are your favorite Hunter Bell pieces from the current collection? 

My favorites are the Fleur Dress and the Deveraux Sweater! It’s been amazing to mix and match them with other pieces in my wardrobe all through this holiday season. 

Can you share some of your favorite products from Superegg? 
We have an amazing lineup of eight products that I absolutely adore – they are like my children! Each holds a unique significance and is integral to my skincare routine and wellness rituals. I can't pick favorites, but I am particularly excited about our latest additions: Vitamin Collective Vitality Elixir and This Moment Hand Care. These innovations have received prestigious accolades, with Vitamin Collective winning ELLE’s Future of Beauty Award and This Moment earning ALLURE’s Best of Beauty Award. 

My skin owes its glow to Vitamin Collective, and This Moment is the secret behind my soft and supple hands all day long. Always within arm's reach, I ensure to carry This Moment and our Kind Atmosphere Biome Mist in my handbag for a quick skincare boost wherever I go.

Where or what is your favorite place or way to escape? 
When I’m at home in New York, I love my hot yoga studio and reformer pilates studio. Because my thoughts are always in overdrive, they help me take my mind off things when I’m particularly stressed. For a true escape, I love visiting a new city or returning to Seoul to eat all of the most delicious foods and get inspired creatively. 

Who is inspiring you right now? Any favorite follows? 
@yung_pueblo for good energy 
@dezeen for design and architecture

Make sure to follow Erica @EggCanvas for a dose of major style inspo. HB + team will definitely be stocking up on all things @SuperEgg for skincare heading into 2024!